• Cross Cut: Dynamo 341 Eversharp – Meets DIN Security P-4 standards requiring shreds ≤ 4 x 40 mm or less.
  • Proprietary Feature is the Eversharp™ Stick Free Oilless Cutting Head – Operates at top performance without ever oiling.
  • A Second Feed throat: Shreds Optical Media such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays. Also Credit Cards and Like Items.
  • Electronic Wave Protection: An electronic wave interception devise, prevents interference with other electronic equipment. This feature is especially important in Government and Hospital type installations.
  • Feed Level Indicator (Shredder’s Eye): Shows level of sheets fed into the shredder’s throat. Green, Yellow and Red LEDs guide the operator when feeding so as to not exceed shredders cutting feed specification.
  • Jam Eliminator: If the feed level Eye devise is ignored and excessive paper is fed into the throat the reverse mode i s automatically activated and prevents jamming.
  • Auto Diagnosis Devise (ADD) (Patented): Shredder’s memory records shredding time, auto re verse cycles, pages Shredder’s run time, etc. The ADD (Optional) is utilized by operators and service persons to diagnose a possible operational error that may be causing shredding problems. The ADD is an integral part of the Dynamo Preventive Maintenance Program.
  • Auto Power Saver (Energy Saving Mode): After five idle minutes shredder switches to standby.
  • Environmental Anti Air Pollution Devise (Patented): The ”Waste Rack Bag Holding Devise” locks bag to bottom of the shredding mechanism increasing cabinet’s waste capacity and also prevents fine dust from escaping into work area’s atmosphere. This eliminates the need to install Air Filtration Systems and continuously buying expensive Air Filters.
  • LED Indicators: LEDs light when, Manual, Stop, Reverse, Door Open, Full, Start, functions are on.
  • Dual Stop Safety: Red STOP tab on top case and Power Breaker located on right top corner of left side panel.
  • Safety Protection Design: Provided by height of cabinet and six inch depth o f blades below paper throat entrance.
  • Optical Start Recovery Mode (Patented): Activation recoups sensitivity if the optics fails to detect fed media.
  • Auto Stop: Shredder will not start if cabinet door is ajar or open.
  • Auto Stop: Insert paper into feed slot and when the batch is shredded and motor automatically stops.
  • Auto Cutter Cleaning Signal: Signals need to activate shredder’s cleaning of the shred head to ensure specified feed capacity.
  • Auto Clean: Reverse action cleans shred debris from the head and rejuvenates the cutter.
  • Manual Start: Shredding action can be started when small pieces of paper and undetectable films need to be shredded .
  • Manual Reverse: Cutter runs in reverse for a few seconds, stops an d returns to AUTO shred mode.
  • Highly Durable Cutters (Patented) – Unique steel design ensures prolonged life. Cuts CD s, DVDs, CC, paper clips, staples.
  • Metal Geared Motor Drives: Provides maximum possible power, strength and increased torque.
  • Continuous Duty Motors: Eliminates automatic shut downs waiting for motor to cool down.
  • Commercial Grade Metal Cabinet with casters: 23.6”W x 19.7”D x 37.8” H. Weight 176 Lbs. enhancing durability.
  • Power: Standard 115/60 volt with 3 prong 15 Amp plug for standard wall outlets. (220 V & other optional power types.)
  • Assembly and Performance Compliance: Assembled in USA and /or TAA compliant.


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